275 Pitt St, Sydney CBD
(02) 9284 1200
Classy place this.  Adorned with artwork which is changed regularly because they paintings are on sale. There are skylights on the 1st and 2nd floors.  The Bathrooms are very clean, even late at night, the wash basins have a sensors so when your hand gets near a waterfall washed your hands. Real posh. The urinals are also waterfalls.

The public bar is on the ground floor and there’s a patio out back. There are often functions on in the upstairs rooms.

The 1st floor has polished wood floors, high ceilings, beautiful skylight with intricate paint design throughout. The bar is polished wood and very long, running right up to the kitchen. On this floor, there is Jazz on Saturday nights, Monday a life drawing class. Service was very good.

On the Second Floor is the Attic bar which is quater the size of the other floors.  There’s often a DJ in the far corner.

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