170 Broadway,
NSW 2008
The  Broadway Lounge is at the ground floor of the Broadway Hotel. There’s a lounge, candle lighting, limited beer on tap, and a small and slightly overpriced wine selection. It’s open for dinner, lunch and breakfast.

The Broadway Lounge was once known as a karaoke pub. According to staff they still have karaoke occasionally. They could not tell me what day it is on and said it is often cancelled if there is a large booking or an international football game. The venue is surrounded by residential blocks so it’s usually very quiet.

When there is music it’s an amateur DJ’s playing, so the music is mostly “doof doof” and stuff I’d never heard of. The sound sound system cuts in and out and the air conditioner leaks on you if you sit under it like I did. It’s more of a winter venue. The food is inconsistent at the Broadway Lounge and overpriced compare to neighbouring pubs. One of the four meals we ordered came with minute steak instead of sirloin.

It is only open till midnight, unlike surrounding venues. If you want to get into the Landsdowne, which is just 50 meters away, leave at 10 pm. The best thing about the Broadway Lounge is that it is in between the  Landsdowne Hotel and the Abercrombie. Broadway Lounge competes for identity with the Abercrombie, only 70 meters away and very similar, except the Abercrombie furniture is newer, the food is more interesting, better value and it’s open til 3am. The website has misleading and old information so we haven’t linked to it.

Website out of date.    Find with Google maps.