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Pub And Club Entertainment Providers Social Media Fraud


Fraudulent Entertainment providers

Fraudulent Sydney Entertainment Providers Social Media Scam


An entertainment provider with a large social media presence may be appealing to pubs, clubs and venues because of the promotional value. However there are a growing number of unethical operators that have fraudulently boosted their number of Likes and Followers. They do this by purchasing fake Followers and Likes from Click Farms in Turkey and Russia. This practice has become rife amongst entertainment providers to Sydney’s Pubs and Clubs. If Licensees and Entertainment Managers are to avoid wasting time and money as a result of this fraud they’ll need to know what to look for. Fortunately it’s easy to spot. Continue reading →

Guide for Sydney Pubs – Part 3: Online Hospitality Marketing


Guide for Sydney Pubs – Part 3:  Hospitality Marketing – Social Networking Vs. Search Engines

hospitality Marketing


Sydney Pubs should integrate Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Networking into their Hospitality Marketing. Search Engines queries will find information and social networks update users on topics of interest. Social Networks are interactive, Search Engine results are not, well not in the same way. However, the two have been blending for some time. Now when you create an account with a search engine you can leave reviews, add places to maps, join groups, blog and advertise. This is largely the same for social networks. The format and peoples perceptions on how to use them is the difference. Continue reading →

Guide for Sydney Pubs – Part 2: Get Your Pub Website Found On The Internet.


Guide for Sydney Pubs – Part 2: Get Your Pub Website Found On The Internet.



For a local suburban pub much of the revenue comes from the local economy. Most a pubs printed advertising focus’s on the local area, pole posters, local papers, junk mail, etc. Few pubs take advantage of online advertising and marketing that can do the same job, correction, a better job at a fraction, correction, micro fraction of the price. And right from the pub website. Arguably the only reason the printed promotion economy still remain is because few pubs in Sydney have realised how economical going full tilt on-line is. And conversely how expensive printed material is. This misconception is due to pop. Continue reading →

Guide for Sydney Pubs – Part 1: Pub SEO


SEO for pubs in SYdney

Part 1: Pub SEO. Search Engine Optimisation for Pubs in Sydney

What are organic browser search results and why are they so important to Sydney pubs?It is common to see pubs in Sydney with  expensive looking websites. These sites designed to cleverly and stylishly sell the message there venues wants patrons to see. But they do little for pub SEO, as  they are invisible to Seach Engines and the local Sydney organic search engine results. All because they are not speaking the right language. Most of these Sydney pubs must be becoming quite disillusioned towards web marketing. However pub SEO will significantly lift patronage. Continue reading →

Relevance Of Pubs In Sydney In An Online Future


Pubs in Sydney OnlineWhy should pubs in Sydney embrace online digital media?

To stay relevant pubs in Sydney have had to adapt as digital media proliferated peoples lives. Increased traffic, declining public transport system, stricter and more complicated regulation, drink driving laws, poorly targeted alcohol education programs, restrictions on live music and increased reliance on gambling as a source of revenue. Now more and more people are socialising at home infront of their computers. What is alarming is how quickly social habits have changed in Sydney. Continue reading →